The Longest Ride

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked. It must have been the saddest song I've ever heard. Can’t even remember what it was. It was her question that made me sink. Literally felt the wave of black flush over me as I melted into the seat. I wanted to disappear. Dissolved right along with the pain … Continue reading The Longest Ride

What Are You Feeding Your Soul? Check out our other channel Alétheuó on Youtube at (Never be afraid to SPEAK THE TRUTH.) Transliteration: psuchéPhonetic Spelling: (psoo-khay')Definition: breath, the soulUsage: (a) the vital breath, breath of life, (b) the human soul, (c) the soul as the seat of affections and will, (d) the self, (e) a human person, an individual. – soul (psyche); a person's distinct identity (unique … Continue reading What Are You Feeding Your Soul?