Sophia & Moria

There was a beautiful woman who lived at the top of the hill. Everyday she would wake early in the morning. She groomed herself well. She combed her hair. Bathed in milk. Applied the best oils to her skin, scents of myrrh, rose and lavender. She dressed herself in the finest linens. She cleaned her home, being sure to keep it spotless and neatly decorated. Sophia loved making everything pretty and gave her home plenty of care.

She prepared her meals for the day. Dressed her children and readied them to learn. She took good care of her husband, being sure that her family was well fed and able to tackle the day. She was a wise woman. All who knew her loved her. She was a sophisticated woman who adored learning and sharing her skill with those around her. She invited others to come and share in her good ways.

After preparing her family and her home. She took the lovely things she created into the markets and sold them to help bring home money for her loved ones. Sophia was a good woman. She spent her days caring for others. To be in her company was a blessing . Keeping a smile on her face and love in her heart, she shared her glory with those who enjoyed it. She took the time to teach her children the ways of life. Ensuring they were well equipped with all that they needed to become good people in life. There was nothing she could not learn to do. Everything she applied herself to, she did with excellence and purity.

Many would watch her and wonder how she was able to be so well put together all of the time. The younger women swooned over how blessed she was and wanted to know her secrets. Which she lovingly shared with all who would listen. She was a kind woman. Some envied her for her beauty. They wanted to be like her. She was a giving woman. Some would attempt to mimic her ways. Others would mock her behind her back. Unable to follow in her footsteps they resulted to jealousy and slander. Spreading lies about her in the marketplace. But all who knew her, knew the falsehoods of what they preached. Sophia was unfazed by the hateful words of her observers. In spite of their hurtful words, she continued to show her light daily.

One day she met a woman named Moria. Moria was the exact opposite of Sophia. She was a lazy woman. Lying around her filthy home, she created lies about others. Finding fault with all who knew her. She was abusive to her family. Screaming and yelling at her children, rather than teaching them in gentleness and love. She scorned her husband like a child. Criticizing him for every decision that he made. She foolishly mocked those around her. Destroying others with her tongue. Never giving her time or any consideration for others.

Moria was loud, silly and said stupid words that showed her ignorance. Sitting at the door of her house everyday, she called out to those who walked by. Inviting anyone who would listen to her ridicule and defame the name of others with her lies.

Moria hated Sophia because she represented all that Moria refused to become. Beauty, intelligence, insight and wisdom. Moria deeply longed to be like Sophia but she could not embrace her ways. So she used her words to try to destroy her, making her a rival instead of a friend. Showing herself to be silly, absurd and foolish.

Too often we come across those who fall on one end of the spectrum or the other. We all know someone like Sophia. Good people who speak into our lives. They pour their beauty into others with no demands or requests in return. Then there are times when we come across those who are more like Moria’s. Verbally slaughtering all they know. Speaking against strangers and those who are close to them, with no regard or consideration for anyone other than themselves.

The question comes in when we must decide what type of person we ourselves will choose to be. Will we be kind, good, hard workers? Willing to learn and teach others? Will we share our beauty and knowledge or destroy others with our words and selfish behavior? Are you wise like Sophia or foolish like Moria? The choice is up to you.

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