Late One Night

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Late one night in summer 2018 I had a dream.  In this dream I am with my husband and three children.  We are walking around an airport.  We are traveling through the airport in search of our gate.  Suddenly, I realize that my two toddlers have run off.  My husband and oldest daughter jet off in search of the children.  I too am frantically looking for them all around the airport and searching in the parking garage.  Finally, my oldest daughter finds both toddlers and brings them back to us.  That part of the dream ends and then I am thrusted into a new scene within the dream.   In the next scene I am alone in the airport.  I am running around this unknown airport, around and around in circles.  Trying to find my way out.  I cannot seem to find where I am supposed to go.  The dream ends with me searching for a way out.

Fast forward to one year later, it is mid-July summer of 2019.  My husband, oldest daughter and our toddlers are traveling to California.  We arrive at the airport, but we are taking different flights to reach LAX.  My husband is traveling with our teen and toddlers.  I find myself traveling alone and being delayed.  I was riding on standby and was continuously bumped off each flight.  Finally, I was able to reach LA hours after my family had made it there.  We enjoyed our four days of vacation time and then returned home.

On the return flight home, again I was riding on standby.  This time I was delayed again but in Denver.  As I waited for a spot on the next fight, I could feel the stress overwhelming me.  There was only one flight left after waiting for hours and being constantly bumped to the next flight.  I was left running around the airport again and again, in search of a way home.  After the last flight left, I knew I had to get a hotel for the night and try again in the morning.  So that is what I did, I got a room close to the airport.  It was not until I got to my room and laid down for the night that I realized I was living out my dream from the previous year.  Finally, it hit me, my family being with me and then suddenly being gone.  Searching around and around for a way out!

 I learned two things that night.  One, never fly standby!  Two, the dreams we dream are just reflections of what is to come.  We should pay attention to the details of our dreams, they have so much insight to show us.  How many dreams have you dismissed?  How many warnings have you received, unaware that divine instruction was imbedded in what you thought was just a dream?  Pay attention to what God shows you while you sleep.  Sometimes we are too busy to see what He is trying to show us and too distracted to hear what he is saying.  If we pay attention to the small things, we would be much more aware of what is to come; being more prepared for our futures.

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