Behind These Eyes

There’s a glimmer back there.

A flicker of a flame that used to glare.

It’s not as bright out here.

You must enter to see it clearly.

Don’t be afraid, don’t stall, no procrastination. 

Don’t let the light burn out, too much time wasted.

Be persistent, be insistent, please be consistent, Not resistant.

In this instance I recommend, a new approach, just dive right in.

There’s a flame back there!

It’s growing larger, hotter, brighter, better, broader!

There’s a flame back there.

It’s raging, heating, blazing.

Can you see it? Can you beat it?

Can you fan it, can you blow it?

It’s a flame back there.

Add your fuel to the fire, make it burn with sensation. 

Bring your essence to enhance the stimulation.

It’s a flame back there, behind the walls, behind these eyes, it’s yours, make it rise.

It’s YOUR FLAME back there.


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